We know that not every construction site has the same security needs. We hire security pros who are current and former military members and law enforcement professionals. It is easy for some people to assume that construction sites don’t need the same security that other types of commercial businesses do.

However, this is just not the case. Without the proper security in place, your entire business and company are at risk of significant losses. One act of vandalism can cost thousands, or more, in damages and losses. With quality security services in place, this is a situation you can avoid.

Our complete range of commercial and industrial security services, products and integrated solutions are designed to meet the needs of our country's most diverse businesses. Through close partnerships with our sister companies, we are able to deliver seamless, holistic systems for projects of virtually any size or commerce.

As the industry's leading innovator of commercial and industrial security services, we strive to deliver superior products and services.

Fast guard executive protection agents work diligently to help keep any at-risk person out of harm’s way. Trained in all types of pro-active protection procedures, our security staff can recognize, evaluate and neutralize potential threats before they become serious problems.

Our security guards provide close protection and advise clients of any potential security threats present. We are licensed within the area and have the proper training and certifications to provide the level of protection necessary in these situations.

We have well trained security personnel who have clear knowledge about emergency situations and very friendly with security watch and ward duties. Our valuable clientele can avail from us Security Services, under which our team of skilled & trained experts provide security to various industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

Our security personnel are well trained and experienced to provide security service following the set rules and standards.

Hotels and resorts are a service industry. There is nothing more important in any service industry then keeping the customer happy and the guests safe. Hotel staff are another priority when it comes to our security services. Whether it is to protect the staff in an emergency situation, or to protect them from unwanted behavior, our security consultants know just when their services are required and how to manage any situation.

Hotel properties also require protection just as much as people. In addition to the risk of property damage, hotels are vulnerable to intrusion by people who are not guests because it is easy for people to walk in the door and into areas where they are not supposed to be.

Shopping center and mall owners may decide to hire a security guard company to handle their security needs. The security guards at different places of the shopping mall not only provide security but also keep an eye on any kind of suspicious activities. There are essentially two types of security guards – static, who are the traditional security guards, and the mobile patrolling security guards, who keep patrolling in the different shady parts of the mall.

A shopping mall is one of the most crowded hubs where people in large numbers visit on a daily basis for various reasons. Shopping malls have various stores, food court, large parking areas, restrooms, movie theaters, etc.

Ensuring campus-wide security is a delicate balancing act as security in educational institutions is ever-changing and needs to be kept under constant review, with vulnerable areas identified and remedial actions implemented to address them. We provide enhanced supervision through our verified and trained employees.

We offer Residential Security Guards, who are firmly dedicated for your Safety and Security. We provide completely trained guards who are checked for their backgrounds before selection. Our Security Guards are fully qualified to handle critical situations, to fight, and to react to various crisis and difficult situations.

Our security teams have decades of experience in developing, organizing, and implementing security plans for a wide variety of corporate gatherings. Special events are for the purpose of bringing people together. Whether it’s a concert, festival or sporting event, the occasion is sure to draw a diverse and energetic crowd that requires adequate control in order to protect from theft and violence or deter from vandalizing event property.

our event security services partner with law enforcement and emergency aid to ensure that all protective teams are coordinated and working together to make the event a safe and fun experience for every visitor.

Fire Safety Audit A formal process of measuring the effectiveness and performance of organisation, policy & procedures. With constant modifications of laws & regulations, and introduction of new directives, corporate houses find it intractable to adhere to security compliance. We understand that for any business enterprise, the safety of its assets and human resources is of paramount importance.

Corporate security is a term used to refer to the practice of protecting a business' employees, physical property and information systems, a task often carried out by corporate security managers.

Corporate Security Officers positions typically require vast experience. Acceptable fields of knowledge include crime prevention, protection techniques, and encounter techniques, reducing unwanted walk-ins and miscreants from creating disturbances.

Fostered with a huge understanding of this business sphere, we are increasingly occupied in offering an optimal class Fire Protection Service. They are also well trained for all type of security purposes. Our Lady Searchers are not only trained but are also well qualified for all kinds of circumstances.

We are one of the leading Fire Fighting Service providers of the industry, who have with them all the requisite facilities to carry on these services effectively.

Our hospital security personnel can protect your staff and patients from some potential risks, including arguments in the patient waiting areas, individuals in unauthorized locations, health concerns, and even property theft. Due to the high-level of knowledge and training, our security staff has, they know how to act orderly and quickly in any situation that may arise.

In every situation, our security consultants from Fast Guard at in a manner that’s both professional and cordial, which makes them an invaluable presence for your hospital property, the staff, and patients.